You must complete a rental application, after viewing the property, and pay a $50 application fee per adult. Any adult that will be residing in the house MUST apply. Application Fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. You can review our application scoring sheet here.

Processing may take 2-3 business day for a completed application. Immediate (same day of application submission) move in is not permitted.

Once the application is approved the Security Deposit is due, in full, immediately in order to take the property off the rental market. We will hold the property for a maximum of two weeks, from the date of approval. Total move in cost varies per property. At minimum the security deposit and first month’s rent are due prior to move in. ALL MOVE IN COST(S) MUST BE PAID IN THE FORM OF CERTIFIED FUNDS

Although each property has different requirements for utilities, generally, the tenant is responsible for power, water, gas and trash.

Rent may be paid online subject to a nominal fee. Alternately rent can be paid at the office of New West Property Management.

Rent is due on or before the first day of every month, regardless of the day of week or holiday. You can pay your rent before it is due. Online rent payment option is available approximately five days before the due date.

Rent is considered late after close of business on the third day of the month. Late rent must be paid in the form of certified funds, NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Paying rent online is NOT an option for late rent.

Residents are responsible for contacting management to report all repair issues. NWPM will contract for and facilitate execution of the repair. In accordance with the lease agreement tenants will be responsible for any repair $100 or less OR any repair caused by tenant misuse/neglect. Please review your lease for specific details or call us with questions.

Company policy prohibits any Pit-bull or Rottweiler dog breeds on property at any time (mixed & pure bred). All other animals are approved on a case by case basis.

Yes. A thirty day notice, in writing, must be given on the first of the month for the last day of the calendar month. Thirty day’s notice is required even if you are moving out at the end of your lease.

Click Here to review the move out cleaning checklist. Review your lease agreement for further information.

You are still required to give a 30 day notice as well as pay the rent. Your financial obligation to the lease is not removed with early lease termination. There is not a “buy out” option. When a lease contract is broken a hardship is created for the homeowner. The best way to handle it is to give a 30 day notice, leave the property in move in condition for the next tenant and continue to pay the rent until a new lease is executed. Failure to satisfy the contract can result in derogatory reports to credit agencies and/or a small claims judgment against you. It can have lasting effects on your rental & credit history.

To protect your personal content’s and provide liability coverage. The homeowner’s policy only provides coverage for their loss, it does not afford you any protection in the event your personal belongings are damaged/stolen. Management will advise on specific policy requirements prior to taking possession

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