Las Vegas Rental Property Maintenance Management

There’s no guesswork when it comes to how your Las Vegas rental property will be maintained. Our maintenance department is responsive to preventative, routine, and emergency repairs.

Protecting the Condition and Value of Your Las Vegas Real Estate Investment

With a responsive maintenance plan, you don’t have to worry about your property deteriorating too quickly. We recommend a strict preventative schedule, which means we’re paying attention to your HVAC system, plumbing, electrical, and appliances. We’re watching the landscaping and keeping up with the pest control.

Managing rental property maintenance in a way that’s cost-effective and proactive has real financial benefits for you. The property grows in value and your tenants are easily retained.

Licensed and Insured Vendors and Contractors

We insist that the maintenance professionals we work with are licensed and insured. This protects you and it protects your property. You don’t need the extra liability and risk of an uninsured worker getting hurt while repairing your rental home.

Our maintenance department maintains a network of professionals who prioritize our properties and offer the most affordable and competitive rates on small jobs and major projects.

Improving Property Condition with Routine Maintenance

Well-maintained Las Vegas properties rent for more money than those that need work. When you make consistent improvements and updates, you earn higher rents and you also attract better tenants.

When we’re turning a property over between tenants or preparing it for the rental market, we’ll make some recommendations on improvements that could make a big difference in how much you earn and who you attract.

Investing in Preventative Maintenance for Your Las Vegas Investment Property

Alongside routine maintenance, emergency responses, and move-in and move-out evaluations, we recommend a robust and consistent schedule of preventative maintenance. This will keep your property in excellent condition and attractive to new and existing tenants. When we make small and minor repairs, we avoid those expensive and complicated emergencies. Talk to us about where you’re spending most of your maintenance dollars; we can come up with a plan to stop the bleeding and make more meaningful adjustments.

Hear It From Our Clients


New West has been managing my property for over 10 years. They have been great at taking care of both the house and the yard. When tenants move out I have had new tenants within 30 days every time. I have had a couple of major repairs over the years that needed taken care of and their contractors have done them in a timely manner. We have had a few alerts from the HOA and I just let New West know what needed to be done and they would take care of it. If you need a good management company New West would be a great one for you.

- Marichuy Channel

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