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Work with the best property management experts in Las Vegas. We’ve been serving in the real estate industry for over two decades, with over 40 years combined experience, and are known for providing our clients with the best investment experience.

Maintenance Management

Proactive maintenance & dedicated techs keep your rental top-notch for high ROI. Licensed repairs ensure quality.

Listing Your Property

Benefit from our multiple listing services to find the right renters for your property.

Tenant Management

Our comprehensive service ensures qualified tenants, timely rent payments, and efficient resolution of any tenancy issues.


Responsive Communication

Always in touch. Get timely updates and clear communication on your property matters.

Legal Compliance

Stay ahead of the curve. We ensure your rentals comply with all legal regulations.

Financial Reporting

Know your numbers. We provide clear and detailed financial reports on your rental income and expenses.

Las Vegas Property Management Services

We are a full service property management firm that provides a range of services to satisfy your property management requirements. Our extensive services offer a solution for every property-related concern you may have.

At New West Property Management, we assist you in navigating the changing market conditions by providing comparative market analysis.

It enables us to compare your rental with similar properties in the neighborhood to set a market-consistent rent price, and lets you keep up with the market trends.

Our experts also provide you with competent account management services by handling your monthly payables and receivables, year-end tax reporting statements, and other financial planning.

Welcome to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a vibrant city full of life and adventure; plus, its affordable housing costs and lack of state income tax make it an ideal place to live.

Tourist Attractions: Bellagio Casino & Fountain Show and Las Vegas Strip.

Major Industries: Hospitality, Health & Science Services, Technology and Advanced Manufacturing

Las Vegas Real Estate
Market Overview

Las Vegas offers an array of opportunities for real estate investors. Property values have increased in the past few years, and the market is showing signs of continued growth in the future. With an influx of new businesses and a booming tourism industry, Las Vegas is an attractive option for investors. With the help of New West Property Management, you can stay ahead of the curve and make the most of your investments.

Hear It From Our Clients


New West has been managing my property for over 10 years. They have been great at taking care of both the house and the yard. When tenants move out I have had new tenants within 30 days every time. I have had a couple of major repairs over the years that needed taken care of and their contractors have done them in a timely manner. We have had a few alerts from the HOA and I just let New West know what needed to be done and they would take care of it. If you need a good management company New West would be a great one for you.

- Marichuy Channel

Areas We Serve

We have successfully served the wonderful Las Vegas Metro Area for over 20 years and we look forward to expanding our property management services to include your portfolio.

A bird's-eye view of the Las Vegas Strip, with the Eiffel Tower replica in the foreground and the London Eye replica in the distance.

North Las Vegas

Frequently Asked Owner Questions

What are your property management fees?

Our fee structure is reasonable and offers maximum value to our clients. Please contact us for a service quote and a free market analysis.

What is included in your property management services?

Our property management services are all-inclusive and cover all of your property management needs. We market your property, conduct an extensive tenant screening process to place a qualified tenant, collect rents, manage maintenance and evictions, and also offer financial reporting. Please contact us for more details.
How do we know what the property will rent for?
We determine the rent price for your property based on our comparative market research. This means, we research properties similar to yours, in terms of size, features, and amenities, in the area, and propose a market-consistent price.
How do you advertise?
We advertise your investment property with Multiple Listing Services (MLS), Syndicated Internet Marketing, military advertising, word-of-mouth publicity, and referrals.
Do you screen the applicants?
We perform a comprehensive tenant screening procedure that includes evaluation of the applicant’s rental history, employment status, criminal records, proof of income and identity, and credit score, with the aim of placing well-qualified tenants in your property. Our tenant background checks are not just rigorous, but also fully compliant with the Fair Housing Laws.
Do you sell real estate?
New West is an NV real estate brokerage licensed to sell real estate. However, we extend this service only by invitation as our main focus is on the properties we manage. If you are looking to buy or sell a home, we would be happy to refer you to a Realtor.
How do you handle evictions?
We utilize the services of a process server and the constables office to regain possession of your property. The process varies from case to case.
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