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What kind of communication can you expect from your Las Vegas property manager? This is an important question for every investor, owner, and landlord to ask before hiring a company to lease and manage your properties. Communication is especially important when you’re looking to fill a vacancy, responding to maintenance, or following up on problems – such as late rent or damage to your property. 

You should expect a property management partner that’s open, transparent, and accessible. Chasing down your property manager for information is not a good way to do business. 

A successful rental experience doesn’t only depend on communication between you and your property manager. It also depends on communication with tenants. Managing a tenant relationship can feel challenging when you own rental property. It’s one of the best reasons to hire a Las Vegas property manager. They do it for you. And you want to be sure they’re communicating well with tenants, too.

We prioritize communication and make sure we are responsive, available, and accessible to owners, tenants, vendors, and all of the community partners we work with. In our 20 years of experience, we’ve learned that good communication sets everyone up for a positive and profitable rental experience.  

It’s also essential to communicate well with you, our owners and investors who rely on us to provide unparalleled support and management for your investments. 

With exceptional communication, everyone is more likely to have a pleasant and successful rental experience. Bad communication or a total lack of communication will only lead to misunderstandings, tenant disputes, and costly mistakes. 

Here are some of the things you should expect when it comes to communication and your Las Vegas property management partner.  

Las Vegas Property Management: What To Expect From the Partnership

Setting expectations is key when you want your property manager to meet those expectations. 

Both you and your management company need to be aligned when it comes to how frequently you will communicate and in what ways. We know that some owners want to hear from us every month or so, just to check in and make sure all is well with their properties. Other investors we work with don’t want to hear from us at all, unless there’s a problem or a big decision to be made.

A good Las Vegas property management company will structure their communication to meet your needs, but they’ll also establish boundaries in order to protect you and your investment. For example, you shouldn’t expect to communicate directly with the tenant. You shouldn’t expect that you’ll be able to show up at the property to take a look around when you feel like it.

You’ll also need to remember that your property manager is busy taking the steps to keep your property protected and profitable. Calling every day for an update can be a burden. If you’re a first-time investor, it’s understandable that you may be nervous and need some ongoing information. However, with the right technological tools, you’re likely to have access to everything you need. Give your property managers the space they need to do their jobs well.

Talk about what you need in terms of communication before you hire a Las Vegas property manager. It’s the best way to establish whether you’re a good fit for each other. 

Expect an Online Portal Provided by Las Vegas Property Managers 

You should expect your management company to invest in technology and provide an online platform for communication and the sharing of information. This is often the best place to get your questions answered. 

For owners, online portals are valuable because you can see when rent was paid, when maintenance was requested, and how invoices were handled. You can access lease documents and send messages. 

Tenants benefit from online portals too. They can pay rent online and submit routine maintenance requests electronically. 

Expect that you’ll use your online owner portal. Don’t hesitate to set up an account and use the platform to send messages and ask questions when necessary. 

Critical Communication During Vacancy and Turnover

It’s especially important that you’re communicating well with your property manager when your rental property is vacant and your managers are actively looking for tenants. Vacant rental homes don’t make you any money, so there will be a sense of urgency in getting it occupied. Good managers will understand this and keep you in the loop as showings are scheduled and applications come in. 

Expect communication that concerns:

  • Maintenance needs during turnover or before move-in. 
  • Rental values and why your home is priced the way it is.
  • What types of marketing photos are needed.
  • Where the property will be advertised. 
  • Results of move-in and move-out inspections.

Once the listing is online, you should expect ongoing communication about the results of the marketing campaign. Your property manager may talk with you about tenant selection and screening. Listen to the recommendations and the results; the data and information provided by your management company about how quickly your home can be rented will allow you and your property manager to make some changes if necessary to the price, condition, or marketing strategy. 

Prompt Responses to Tenant Concerns and Maintenance 

Expect your property manager to take care of all tenant communications. 

Open and responsive communication with tenants is especially important when it comes to maintenance. Deferred repairs will only cost you more money and they’ll also contribute to higher tenant turnover, which leads to vacancy and turnover costs. You should expect an immediate response to tenants when repairs are needed and maintenance is requested. 

Expect a reliable and consistent maintenance process. 

It’s important to understand how and when you’ll be contacted. Most property managers won’t bother you every time a minor repair needs to be made. But, you may need to provide an approval before hundreds of dollars are spent on a big repair or an important upgrade. 

As an owner, you need to understand that some repairs will need to be made right away, and the work will have to move forward if there’s a safety or habitability issue at the home.  

If there’s ever a time where over-communicating is acceptable, maintenance emergencies and unexpected repairs are those times. You probably don’t want to hear from your management company when a garbage disposal needs to be reset or a tenant loses their keys, but you do want to be kept in the loop if there’s a fire, a flood, or a major issue with the HVAC or the roof. 

Problems and Concerns: Eviction, Property Damage, and Risk

Communication is also necessary when there’s a problem or something that needs a big decision. 

Hopefully, your tenants are well-screened and qualified to be living in your rental property. Bad things can happen to good tenants and rent may not come in one month. You’ll want your property manager to let you know what’s happening, and you’ll look to them for advice on how to move forward. Should you authorize the beginning of the eviction process or let your management company work out a payment plan with your tenants? Your management partner must be prepared to talk through the options with you.

What if a tenant moves out and there is property damage left behind that goes beyond the amount of the security deposit? This is an unfortunate situation, and something you don’t expect. You’ll want to know your management company has a plan to make the necessary repairs and recover as much of the money for you as possible. 

A good Las Vegas property manager helps you reduce the risk that’s inherent with rental property investments. To minimize risk, communication needs to be open and ongoing. You don’t want a property manager who is afraid to deliver bad news. You want communication to be transparent and honest. 

Always Update Your Contact Information

Contact InformationWhat can you do to help with the good communication policies your management company should have in place? 

You can be willing to communicate yourself. 

For starters, keep your contact information current. Your property managers will need to know how to reach you if there’s an emergency or a question that needs your immediate input. Usually, larger maintenance expenses will need to be approved by you before any work begins. For this reason, your management company needs to know how to get in touch with you.

Your property manager should have your phone number and email address as well as your best mailing address. When things change, make sure you alert your property managers. You don’t want them sending important information to an old email address or calling the wrong number when something needs your approval.

Communication is one of the most important qualities to look for when you’re hiring a Las Vegas property management company. Don’t settle for communication that doesn’t meet your standards. 

If you’d like to hear more about how we communicate, please contact us at New West Property Management. We’re passionate about the services and value we provide to the owners and investors who trust us with their properties. Our team expertly manages residential rental homes in Las Vegas, including Henderson and North Las Vegas.