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After posting your listing for a few weeks, you finally found a prospective tenant for your property. Your conversation went well, and they agreed to visit your place.

During the showing, you felt like you nailed it! You gave them everything they needed to know about the place and perfectly presented your property’s unique selling points.

After a while, you went home and received a message from your tenant saying they didn’t want to push through with the deal. Now, you’re back to square one. Does this often happen to you?

If this is your case, you’re not alone. Many property owners fail at home showing because they don’t know the purpose of showing their homes to their prospective tenants.

The purpose of a home showing isn’t solely to showcase your property but also to help them visualize their life in your rental property. Imagination is very powerful, so you should leverage it to lease out your rentals.

To help you out, here are the best home-showing tips to attract quality tenants and get the most out of your rental space:

Keep Your Place Clean and Inviting

First things first, you should declutter your space, remove any unnecessary objects, and keep the place as clean and tidy as possible. You should also check every nook and cranny of your property to make sure it is inviting, hygienic, and free of dust.

If you want to save money, you can clean your property yourself. However, hiring a reputable home cleaning service to deep clean it frees up a significant amount of your time and reduces stress.

While in your property, you should also ensure that everything is working as it should. You should inspect every appliance, faucet, window, etc. to ensure they are functional. You should also examine the structure of your property to see if it needs any construction or repair jobs.

Impress With Beautiful Curb Appeal

First impressions last a long time, and your tenant’s first impression about your property won’t form when they see the house’s interior. It will start bubbling once they see the exterior of your property and its surroundings.

Because of this, it’s essential to check the condition of your property’s curb appeal and ensure it looks tidy. You can do this by mowing the lawn, trimming the shrubs, pruning trees, cleaning the gutters, and painting your walls if necessary.

Adding decorative touches, such as beautiful clay pots or hanging potted plants, can enhance your property’s curb appeal. Leaving an impressive first impression on your prospective tenants is one of the keys to sealing the deal.

Make Your Interior Temperature Comfortable

After being marveled by your beautiful exterior, your tenant will step inside your house. One of the first things they’ll notice is the temperature. If it’s too hot or too cold, they won’t be able to focus on other features of your property.

Make sure you adjust the temperature inside your home according to the current weather. If it’s dry and humid outside, you can alleviate the discomfort by setting your air conditioning at a cool and comfortable temperature.

Always ask your tenants if they feel too cold or too hot during the home showing so that you can adjust the temperature to comfortable levels. Remember, you want to make them feel at home as much as possible.

Let Some Air Inside

If the temperature outside is neutral and the wind is blowing gently, you can ditch the air conditioning and let a natural breeze flow inside your property. Airing your property out makes it smell fresh and inviting, making your prospective tenants more comfortable during their visit.

Using artificial scents is not always the best option, as they can cause allergies and other respiratory problems. It might also leave the impression on your potential tenants that you’re trying to mask unpleasant odors.

Make Your Interior Bright

Make sure your interior is well-lit so potential tenants can examine the features inside your property.

If you’re showing your property in the morning, you can use natural daylight to brighten your space. You can also add warm ceiling light fixtures and lamps to give your interior a more inviting feel.

If you’re showing your property at night or there isn’t any daylight in the morning, make sure you illuminate your space with overhead light fixtures and lamps. You should be strategic with placing your light fixtures so they don’t create a blinding effect.

Set Up a Cozy Atmosphere

Setting a cozy atmosphere helps your tenants imagine themselves living in your property. You can achieve this by lightly “staging” your place, such as placing a fresh vase of flowers on the central table or the focal point of the living room or kitchen. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Add minimal decorations: You can add small decorative pieces in the bathrooms or on a fireplace mantle. The key here is to keep your decorations minimal and let your potential tenant mentally picture the interior they want to create in your property.
  • Bring a measuring tape: The beauty of a vacant unit is that your tenants have the creative freedom to design the interior according to their tastes, so make sure to bring a measuring tape to help them visualize their furniture placement.
  • Prepare some light snacks and beverages: Another tip to make the place more inviting is to prepare individually packed snacks and bottled water for your tenants. This shows that you care and that they can expect the same level of hospitality from you as their landlord.
  • Provide shoe covers: It’s also a great idea to provide shoe covers so your tenants can comfortably walk around the unit, and you won’t have to worry about cleaning the place after each showing.

Make Your Unique Selling Point Stand Out

The key to designing the interior of your property is to make your unique selling points stand out. This means you should emphasize the features that make your property unique and attractive.

For instance, if you have a spacious backyard or balcony, highlight it by placing some outdoor furniture and decorations. This setting will show tenants that they can fully enjoy their leisure time outdoors with plenty of space.

If you have a beautiful view from your bedroom window, you can set up a comfortable chair by the window and a small round coffee table beside it. This arrangement will help your tenants imagine sitting on a cozy chair while enjoying their morning coffee with mesmerizing scenery.

Give Additional Details About the Area

As you are showing your property, be sure to provide additional details about the area. Talk about the nearby supermarkets, restaurants, parks, and other attractions within walking distance.

This information will help prospective tenants understand more about the location and its surroundings. Ensure that these facts are accurate by conducting your own research before the home viewing.

You can also talk about the home’s history if it has a unique story. If your property is a newly renovated building, you can also tell them about the construction and renovation process that happened. Providing additional details will help tenants connect with the place more.

Managing a Rental Property Comes With a Lot of Challenges

In a perfect world, you could apply all the tips above. But life happens, and managing a rental property often becomes a heavy burden to busy property owners.

The lack of time and energy often results in poor tenant experience during home showings, leading to fewer visited properties and lower occupancy rates.

That’s why services like New West Property Management were created. Our reliable Las Vegas property managers have been helping property owners manage their portfolios for over 20 years.

Our Las Vegas property management company offers a wide range of property management services, such as maintenance management, property listing, and tenant management. We can ready your property and help you attract more potential tenants in no time.

Make Your Place Irresistible To High-Quality Tenants

Close the DealThe key to attracting quality tenants and ensuring they will close the deal with you is to let their experience speak for themselves. Most of the time, words aren’t enough to convince them to choose your property, especially when plenty of other options are available.

It’s crucial to arrange the interior and exterior of your property in a way that will make tenants feel at home. If you don’t have the time, patience, and expertise to do this, New West Property Management is here to help! Contact us today.