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Tenants in Las Vegas have higher expectations and more ambitious demands than ever before. 

And we respect that. 

Because we’re always looking for ways to meet the needs of our residents and provide an exceptional rental experience, we offer a premiere Resident Benefits Package to anyone who rents a home that’s managed and maintained by New West Property Management. If you’re a resident working with us already, you can speak to our responsiveness as Las Vegas property managers

If you’re thinking about renting one of our well-maintained homes, or you’re curious about what our Resident Benefits Package provides, let’s take a deep dive into what it includes. We want you to know why our residents rave about this package, and what kind of perks and peace of mind you can benefit from when you invest in it. 

Enjoy a No-Hassle Filter Delivery Service 

Check your lease agreement, and you’ll see that while we are generally responsible for maintaining your home and responding to the repairs that may be needed, there are plenty of minor maintenance issues that we expect you to take care of as our trusted resident

One of those responsibilities is air filters. 

Air filter maintenance is a big deal. When the air filters are changed regularly, the condition of the HVAC system is preserved, which means it keeps working well for you and for the owner of your property. You want to enjoy cool air conditioning in the brutal Las Vegas summers. You want to enjoy heat when we have colder temperatures in the winter. You want to enjoy healthy air circulating through your home, and you definitely want to keep your energy bills as low as you can. 

Keeping up with air filter changes will accomplish all of those things, and help you enjoy a cleaner, more energy-efficient home. 

But, changing those filters is not always easy. 

Unless you’re enrolled in our residents benefits package. 

You don’t have to worry about finding the right size filter or remember when it’s time to change them out. All of that is planned out for you. With our Resident Benefits Package, filter changes are as easy as opening the front door. This service helps you save up to $250 in filters every year and reduces the hassles of ongoing heating or air conditioning repairs. 

 SIM Identity Protection 

Identity theft is no joke. 

While all of our technology has enabled us to live faster, more efficient lives, it’s also opened us up to scammers and criminals who are finding new ways to take what belongs to us. 

That’s frustrating. 

It’s also alarming when you look into the statistics: 1 in 4 Americans are victims of identity fraud. We want to help our residents protect themselves from the potential of someone stealing their personal information or, worse, their financial details. 

All adult leaseholders 18 years of age and older who live in our properties get SIM coverage backed by AIG, monitoring through IBM’s Watson, and a dedicated, US-based Identity Restoration Specialist.

We put extra protections in place for you so you can do things like apply for properties, pay rent, and store your data without worrying that someone is waiting to swipe it. Your information is safe, secure, and protected to the extent that all of our technology and our identity protection partnerships can provide. 

24/7 Maintenance Coordination 

You’ll find that emergencies are rare in a property that’s managed by New West Property Management, because we’re so attentive to preventative maintenance, and we’re quick to respond to any of those routine maintenance issues that pop up from time to time. 

But, emergencies do occur. In fact, it always seems like those unexpected things happen after hours. We want to make sure that you’re safe and calm during a moment when emergency maintenance is needed, and so we provide a 24/7 maintenance response system specifically for emergencies. 

Residents are especially appreciative of this benefit because it makes reporting those pesky maintenance issues easy and fast either online or by phone. If you’re unsure about what constitutes an emergency, get some clarification from your property manager. Typically, it involves a fire or a flood. If the only toilet in your home is not flushing, that’s an emergency. If there’s a sewer back-up or you suddenly cannot close or lock a door, that’s an emergency that you’ll want to report right away. 

Our maintenance coordination is an essential part of this Residents Benefits Package that we provide for you.

Home Buying Assistance 

This is one of the benefits that we’re most excited about. You’re a tenant right now, but have you thought about the future? You may not want to rent forever. If you’re thinking about homeownership, we’re providing a path for it to be more accessible to you. 

For those who want to move onto homeownership, we have a home buying plan that will help you sharpen your focus on finances, allowing you to save for a down payment, improve your credit, and prepare yourself for the challenges and rewards that come with buying a home for the first time.

Online Portal for Las Vegas Tenants 

Another very popular part of our Resident Benefits Package is the online portal, which you have access to 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This is where you can:

  • Pay your rent. Not only can you pay your rent, you can also schedule rental payments in advance. You can even make them automatic, so that the rental payment is processed on the first of every month without you even thinking about it. You can also safely store your payment information, whether it’s a checking account, savings account, debit card, or credit card. 
  • Request maintenance. As we have already mentioned, there’s a 24/7 emergency maintenance line that’s best for those urgent needs. But, if you have a routine request or a repair that needs attention, you can submit the request online at your convenience. You can also share as much information as possible to help our maintenance team diagnose the problem. Maybe even upload a photo.
  • Get in touch with us! You can always send a message to your property management team through your resident portal. We’ll respond in whatever way that works best for you, whether it’s phone or email or text. 
  • Access your documents. Your lease is in your online portal, and so is a complete accounting of all your rental payments. You’ll also find resources that may be helpful to you as a tenant in Las Vegas.

You can sign up for your online portal account as soon as you are approved for a property with New West Property Management. 

Rental Payments and Credit Building 

You should get credit for paying your rent on time every month, and when you’re enrolled in our Resident Benefits Package, we make sure you do get the credit you deserve. This is a huge benefit that can help you not only in the establishment of a positive rental history, but also in proving that you’re financially responsible. 

We report every rent payment when it’s made. This allows you to build a positive credit report and a better credit score. If you’re wondering how much of an improvement this can provide, we’ve done a little research. We have found that the average increases are between 23 to 42 points among the residents who have benefited from this perk. 

When your credit improves by these numbers, you can qualify for more financing, whether it’s for a car or a new credit card, and you can save hundreds in interest. Upon enrollment, we can report up to the past 24 months for an immediate boost.

Resident Rewards Program 

Talk about perks. We also offer rewards. 

Rent day is now rewards day when you have New West Property Management as your property manager. Our residents are offered cash, gift cards, and exclusive discounts from Piñata (Resident Benefits Program rewards provider) when rent is paid consistently on time every month. You’ll find that when you take advantage of all the rewards and discounts provided, you can end up saving up to $4,500 every year on everyday expenses and things you’d buy anyway. 

Making Move-Ins Easier with a Concierge 

Moving into a new place is exciting. 

There’s a lot of energy and a hundred details to manage. It’s exciting, but it can also be stressful. We want to make it less stressful for our residents

And we do that, with the move-in concierge program. One call sets up utility, cable, and internet services. You have less to worry about, and our resources allow you to get the best promos and discount codes as a new customer. 

Vetted Vendor Network 

We want you to trust the maintenance vendors, contractors, and service providers who are coming into your home to complete maintenance. That’s why we include this high-quality vendor screening program as a benefit. Everyone who services your home is screened to exceed our standards for insurance, licensing, and professionalism for the job. We’ll always follow up with you after the work is done to make sure everything went as expected. 

These are just some of the perks and pleasures of our Resident Benefits Package. Find out more about what it’s like to rent a Las Vegas home from us. 

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